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CloudCore is a division of Hydra Fabricators Inc., a top-tier, experienced industrial fabricator – we design and manufacture crypto-mining containers for sale in Canada and the United States. Our prefabricated crypto-mining data centers are the perfect solution for those looking to start their mining operation quickly and efficiently. No need to worry about construction and set up - our mobile data centers can be delivered straight to your desired location, ready to go. And with all the necessary features included, you’ll be up and running in no time. So trust in our experience as a top-tier industrial fabricator - choose CloudCore for your crypto-mining needs.

Why choose cloudcore?

Crypto mining containers from us to you in 24-48 hours

Crypto mining containers? No problem. Our pre-fabricated mobile data centers can go just about anywhere! Road legal across North America and able to be lifted by standard container loading equipment, our pre-fabricated mobile data centers are easy to have delivered, almost as if we were right next door. They have easy loading and offloading lifting points, the same as a shipping container, so you can get them where you need them without hassle. And come with All the features you need to get your business up and running quickly.

Plus, we can deliver your crypto-containers to most places in Canada or the United States. So - order your crypto-mining container today! 


CloudCore is a full-service fabricator allowing us to control production levels and scheduling for all aspects of plug-and-play mobile crypto mining buildings with minimal lead times. Our simple, focused, highly accountable, and cost-effective project oversight makes us the ideal single-source supplier. CloudCore designed and manufactured a self-contained mobile mining solution that is safe, secure and easy to install. Clients only need to locate a suitable location with a power source and internet access and let CloudCore supply the infrastructure. 

USA clients pay 0% tax on all orders!

High-Quality and Cost-Effective Mobile Data Centers

 Choosing an Alberta-based shop for your crypto mining containers means saving big on taxes for our USA clients. With our high-quality and cost-effective mobile data centers, you’re already getting the best bang for your buck. But why not save even more by paying zero tax on all orders? Trust us; we are professionals in this field and know how to get results. So don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose our Alberta-based shop for all your crypto mining needs.

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So Why Should You Believe Us When We Say CloudCore Is Trusted?

Our CSA/UL certification sets us apart from the competition and proves our commitment to safety and compliance. This certification removes any doubts or concerns about the quality and reliability of our prefabricated crypto-mining data centers. Plus, it saves our customers time and hassle by eliminating the need for on-site inspections and certifications. Trust us - we’ve got the credentials to back it up when it comes to modular data centers. Choosing Cloudcore means choosing a trusted and certified partner in the industry. Don’t settle for less - go with the best in the business.

we are professionals, not executives

As professionals, we prioritize building a top-notch product over anything else. Our workshop is where the magic happens - we pour all of our energy and resources into creating mobile crypto-mining buildings that are reliable and ready to use. We don’t waste time in boardrooms or managing paperwork; instead, we focus on crafting a product that our clients can trust. That’s what being a true professional means to us.

CloudCore can handle any size of project

CloudCore engineers and manufactures from frame to receptacle, meaning we do not supply cut-apart shipping containers but fabricate the structure specifically to house our infrastructure required for crypto mining. With 40,000ft2 of manufacturing space including 6 overhead cranes totalling 75 tons of capacity, CloudCore can handle any size of project from a single building with a capacity of 100 miners to the largest builds in North America.

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