CloudCore leadership team has successfully manufactured and delivered over 80 MW of capacity that is in service throughout North America, from Alberta to Texas. 

Why Choose CloudCore?

Industrial fabrication capacity, quality and techniques, coupled with experience, provided at a competitive price is unmatched. 

CloudCore engineers and manufactures from frame to receptacle, meaning we do not supply cut apart shipping containers but fabricate the structure specifically to house our infrastructure required for crypto mining. With 40,000ft2 of manufacturing space including 6 overhead cranes totalling 75 tons of capacity, CloudCore can handle any size of project from a single building with a capacity of 100 miners to the largest builds in North America.

CloudCore will also work with clients to make any changes or additions as requested. CloudCore will also fabricate client owned drawings as long as they are certified by an engineer. 

CloudCore is located in Nisku, Alberta – North American made buildings! Cost effective builds with favorable contractual terms and conditions – a down payment along with progress payments with final payment due prior to shipping. 

USA clients pay 0% tax!

CloudCore can assist in the full design and development of a crypto mining site with a team of highly qualified engineers that have extensive experience with crypto mines. 

Why Mobile Data Centers?

CloudCore allows clients to scale-up operations with integrated prefabricated mobile data centers at a rapid pace that comes with a cost-effective price. Mobile data centers have the scale of a full-size data center and can be deployed at a multi-megawatt scale within a complete self-contained envelope with a simplified set-up. 

When coupled with an affordable power supply and access to the internet your capital investment becomes reduced and overall risk is minimized when compared to a warehouse style data center. Electricity rates may increase, or local authority may reverse course on crypto mining, marooning infrastructure and investment in a warehouse, but the mobile data centre deployment can easily be relocated. Mobile data centers are simple to transport anywhere as they are North American road legal and have easy loading and offloading lifting points same as a shipping container. 

Mobile data centers retain initial investment value and can either be repurposed, sold on the secondary market or recycled for 50%+ of cost even 10 or more years in the future. High quality electrical components, large volume of solid copper and structural steel will ensure that value is retained.

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