If you’re in the market for a mobile crypto mining data center, we’ve got just the thing - and it’s available anywhere in North America! Our prefabricated mobile crypto mining data centers are road legal, easy to load and unload and come with all the features you need to get your business up and running quickly. Our mobile data centers can be delivered to anywhere in Canada and the United States. 

Crypto mining containers USA

Why choose an Alberta-based shop for your crypto mining containers?

Because we know you want the best for your money. You want quality, and you want it at a fair price. But most importantly, you want results. That’s why you’re here reading this. You want to know that we are the team for the job. We are professionals and this is our passion, and now it’s your solution to a high-quality and cost-effective mobile crypto-mining data center. Plus, USA clients pay 0% tax on all orders!

Fast delivery to the USA

From us to you in 24-48 hours

So look no further than us if you’re looking for a team to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our simple, focused, highly accountable, and cost-effective project oversight makes us the ideal single-source supplier. CloudCore designed and manufactured a self-contained crypto mining container that is safe, secure and easy to install.

Get your business up and running quickly

Clients only need to locate a suitable location with a power source

CloudCore’s crypto mining containers provide an all-in-one solution for those looking to get into the cryptocurrency mining game. Clients only need to locate a suitable location with a power source and internet access and let CloudCore supply the infrastructure.

Why choose Cloudcore?

Because at CloudCore, your success is our success. So let us show you what we can do. Contact us today.

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